Improve Your Fiction Skills!

Write a Short Story: Improve Your Fiction Skills! Good fiction has the following three characteristics: 1) Setting and Time  Use your 5 senses (sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell) to describe an interesting place and time. Use colorful adjectives.Some examples of interesting settings: A deserted beach. An empty classroom. A crowded festival. 2) Character Use interesting expressions to describe the people in your story. What

How to write short stories in the first person

There are certain things a first person narrator normally shouldn't say. For example: "My bald spot looked particularly shiny that day." Why? Because you can't see your own bald spot unless you're looking at yourself in a photograph or a mirror at just the right angle. Another thing that sounds strange in the first person voice: "I have no idea that..." Your first person narrator

Vampire Rebellion

To say that this is a vampire’s story is an understatement; for it is much more than that. It is about life, death, love, separation, power struggles, and everything that lie between light and darkness. But those who enjoy the preternatural quality of a vampire tale would find the quintessential elements intact. Much like Anne Rice’s Vampires, the vampires in these tales are closer to


The idea behind ‘Caravanserai’ is very oriental: to revive the old stories and myths of the east, and to intrigue the reader with their vivid, imaginative, and fantastic details. Supernatural has always had a special place in human thinking: as the matter of fact the idea of supernatural, has played an important role in nourishing the faculty of imagination. Caravanserai is not an encyclopedia of

Hebi- A story of a Great Warrior

This is a wonderful story that have different twist and adventures of a great warrior. The story starts with a soldier and three kids. The soldiers are behind the three kids and they want to arrest them and give before the King. To Survive them the Hebi suddenly arrive and safe the kids for  a while but the trouble not end for all of them.

A new Beginning with a new warrior- Kometa the Hero

S'nackReader has recently published its new short stories on different Top Publishing Platforms Kometa. Giving you a short synopsis of it Thousands of years have passed since the destruction of the Hiderian Kingdom. All lay in ruin, but one chapter remains unexplained. As a battle wage outside the gates of a newly established Eathranome kingdom in the Hiderian land, even the soldiers have no one

How to broaden your short story scope

Most short stories illumine a single dark corner, narrowly circumscribed. They follow the time-revered rule: Limit your short story to a specific time, place, event, interaction or character’s evolution. But the short story can be a more versatile genre than your high school English teacher sermonized. If we stick to too narrow a view, we may restrict or dilute our subjects or abandon potentially powerful

7 Ways to Perfect your writing

Do you obsess about the tone of your writing as you revise? You should. Tone is one of the most overlooked elements of writing. It can create interest, or kill it. It’s no wonder that so many of the countless conversations I’ve had with writing students and colleagues have been about problems related to tone. A friend submitting a novel says the editors “don’t like

Conflicts of Short Stories—–S’nack Reader’s Element’s Week

 The conflict is a struggle between two people or things in a short story. The main character is usually on one side of the central conflict. On the other side, the main character may struggle against another important character, against the forces of nature, against society, or even against something inside himself or herself (feelings, emotions, illness). Conflict is essential to plot. Without conflict there

Plot of Short Stories—-S’nack Reader’s Elements Week

The plot is how the author arranges events to develop his basic idea;  It is the sequence of events in a story or play.  The plot is a planned, logical series of events having a beginning, middle, and end.  The short story usually has one plot so it can be read in one sitting.  A plot is a series of events and character actions that

Settings of Short stories——S’nack Reader’s Elements Week

The setting of a short story is the time and place in which it happens. Authors often use descriptions of landscape, scenery, buildings, seasons or weather to provide a strong sense of setting. Setting or the time and place of the action in a short story has a definite impact on the character development and plot. The setting is often found in the exposition of

Characters of Short Stories—-S’nack Reader’s Elements Week

A short story is a short work of fiction. Fiction, as you know, is prose writing about imagined events and characters. Prose writing differs from poetry in that it does not depend on verses, meters or rhymes for its organization and presentation. What makes these authors such remarkable short story writers? They are true masters at combining the five key elements that go into every

Types of Short Stories—-S’nack Reader Part 2

In the Previous article we have mentioned three types of short stories now rest of the parts are as follows The Third Person Narrator Speaks to You If your story has an especially chatty third-person narrator, you can start off by having the narrator explain something directly to the reader, often in the second person. Perhaps the narrator can tell us some useful information, that

Types of Short Stories— S’nack Reader Part 1

A short story is like a chess game: The opening is a huge part of whether you win or lose. The first sentence of a short story doesn't just "hook" readers, it also sets the tone and launches the plot. Sure, the opening sentences are important novels too. A strong beginning, in a novel, can help provide momentum that will carry the reader all the

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