Missing Link

Missing Link revolves around a girl who is stalked by an unknown man for a reason that she knows nothing about. The story is set over a thirty six hour span, a cat and mouse first person narrative that keeps the reader on tenterhooks about what is happening. The climax is shocking when the truth about the stalker and his nefarious deed comes to light

Vampire Rebellion

To say that this is a vampire’s story is an understatement; for it is much more than that. It is about life, death, love, separation, power struggles, and everything that lie between light and darkness. But those who enjoy the preternatural quality of a vampire tale would find the quintessential elements intact. Much like Anne Rice’s Vampires, the vampires in these tales are closer to


The idea behind ‘Caravanserai’ is very oriental: to revive the old stories and myths of the east, and to intrigue the reader with their vivid, imaginative, and fantastic details. Supernatural has always had a special place in human thinking: as the matter of fact the idea of supernatural, has played an important role in nourishing the faculty of imagination. Caravanserai is not an encyclopedia of

Hebi- A story of a Great Warrior

This is a wonderful story that have different twist and adventures of a great warrior. The story starts with a soldier and three kids. The soldiers are behind the three kids and they want to arrest them and give before the King. To Survive them the Hebi suddenly arrive and safe the kids for  a while but the trouble not end for all of them.

A new Beginning with a new warrior- Kometa the Hero

S'nackReader has recently published its new short stories on different Top Publishing Platforms Kometa. Giving you a short synopsis of it Thousands of years have passed since the destruction of the Hiderian Kingdom. All lay in ruin, but one chapter remains unexplained. As a battle wage outside the gates of a newly established Eathranome kingdom in the Hiderian land, even the soldiers have no one


I knew I was finally checkmated. In the game of espionage, ‘getting caught’ is a professional hazard. I was left with only two choices: go down fighting or reach for the kill-pill. I couldn’t retreat. I couldn’t run. I was surely surrounded in all directions. I had run out of ammunition. I was running out of tricks. We landed on planet KP-22B on 20th December,

The sleeping lion and the ghost

Take a Foretaste   My name is John and I am 16 years old. Before getting into further details, let me inform you that I am the hero of this story… and well, why not? I was never a very popular character at school, primarily because I am not Jessie, Herbert, or Rose; but you will learn how things change by the end of the

Hebi (Hebzenoth)

Steal a Look at Best Moments *Tip* *Tap* *Tip* *TAP* Jeremy ran fleet-footed across the dusty rock. The desert sun beat heavily over his head as the crimson winds assisted to deteriorating the young man. “Stop you thieves!” yelled the soldiers who seemed to be determined to chase Jeremy and his friends to the ends of the earth. “Come on, Hilda” Cried Olly “There closing

The Sick Rose

Steal a Look It is wise to bury the dead; therefore I decided to forget about her. Retrospect is a great gift, but only for those who can use it to their advantage. Most people contemplate about their past and get petrified; stuck in a quagmire of memories and regrets. I wonder if death is really the end of life; somewhere I read that death

Humans, Demons and The Magic Lamp

Sneak a Quick Look What if you had a way of fulfilling your wish? what if there really was a magic jump that could fulfill your deepest most extreme desire. Well there is way and there is such a magic lamp. The magic lamp holds the key to our creation and our destruction. We humans now know many things that were considered by many to

Types of Stories

Everybody has a story with them, it may be personal or it may be related to their dream world but the most important thing is that how you commune it and whether your story has a potential to make its place in the readers mind. Stories may take different forms. Some of them are discussed as: Fable:- Literally fable is a short fictitious story tale

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