• Short stories are deceptive. We’re led to believe that smaller and shorter means faster and easier to pull off, yet any fiction writer worth their salt will tell you that trying to cram an entire story into a few pages is no easy task

Hebzenoth the king of combat… tore through his foes like it was nothing. None dared to compete with such a legend. He was at the top undefeated. Worshipped and praised from every corner of the world for his greatness. From menacing foes to gigantic robots, the apparent Hebzenoth must leap through hoops if he wishes to protect the children (who run from a tyrannical King to protect something they cherish dearly) and truly be seen as the man he claims to be.
Sick Rose
"The Sick Rose" addresses the most important philosophical questions: Is life intrinsically absurd? Is it worth living, and is suicide an acceptable idea under certain conditions? The characters of the story come up with different views on life and death. You will also observe a tinge of magical realism, as the events of the story unfold many unexpected situations. The pace of the story is quick, and it could even qualify as a psychological thriller with a philosophical topping—the perfect food for thought. The title of the story basically comes from a William Blake poem; it is also the name of the main protagonist, who is terminally ill and finds herself in the ultimate dilemma of choosing death over life, non-existence over pain. To aid her, a quiet, shadowy, serial-killer arrives, who doesn’t care much to understand life, but to live it in an artistic manner. The main character however is her ex-boyfriend, who can be declared as the real ‘absurdist’. See who triumphs in this age-old battle of death, life, thought, and art.
The Hiderian Curse
Legend has it that there would one day be a love so pure and grand that it would transcend all feeling and emotion. Be warned... this tale is not of that nature. It is a lesson to all that sometimes even the greatest of feelings can only be immortalized through separation.
The great kingdoms of Hideria and Hiderius are looking for peace, but their citizens are hungry for war. Tired of the constant tyranny and terrorism plotted by activists in opposite lands, King Reginald and King Joseph look to their children who will soon be successful heirs to provide the unity between the great two nations that they were unable to create... but the question still remains... Will they succeed and how long will it last...?
Thousands of years have passed since the destruction of the Hiderian Kingdom. All lay in ruin but one chapter still remains unexplained. As a battle is waged outside the gates of a newly established Eathranome kingdom in the Hiderian land, even the soldiers have no one to turn to as they look for some sort of support against these vile creatures. Kometa... A warrior claiming lineage to the original Hiderians manages to slay these vile beasts with ease, but could he be too strong? Could he be too wise for the king to handle? As other nations plot to destroy this great castle the king is forced to turn to his newly found hero. Kometa jumps to the challenge to assist but may he have other plans in mind to keep himself safe, or are these truly the acts of a selfless hero?
Vampire Rebellion
To say that this is a Vampire’s Story is an understatement, for it is much more than that. It is about life, death, love, separation, power struggles, and everything that lie between light and darkness. But those who enjoy the preternatural quality of a vampire tale would find the quintessential elements intact. Much like Anne Rice’s Vampires, the vampires in these tales are closer to human beings on the emotional level. Their physical prowess, although, makes then far superior predators. This is the first part of the series, which deal with the transformation of a young man, into a ruthless vampire. The subject is not exactly the conventional vampire material; rather, he is a sophisticated young thinker and lover, who learn to adore power. The persona of the main character is clearly that of a rebel, Who has traded a conventional way of life with an extravagant one. I hope that the readers thoroughly enjoy the details of this story!
The Sleeping Lion and The Ghost
‘The Sleeping lion and the ghost’ is a story about a boy, who thinks t that he knows everything about his life, until he meets someone much older, wiser, and more arrogant: A ghost. This story takes a wise, albeit a comic view of life of a young boy, who is an underachiever, despite of his superior intelligence. The ghost, like the boy, has also underachieved in life; however, his life is quite over, and he wouldn’t find any peace, unless he learns to help the boy. The plot of the story unveils as these two unlikely friends learn to trust each other and work together as a team, towards a common goal, which would ultimately help them learn about life. Funny, mysterious, and crafty, ‘the sleeping lion and the ghost’ is a page-turner that people of all ages will enjoy and remember for long.